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Welcome to the CSB System Digital Discovery Days Conference

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our customers and employees. Over the past couple of months, we have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our industry, our supply chain and our world. This has also required us to reassess plans for our annual Discovery Days User Conference, previously slated to be held in Toronto.

With this in mind, we are taking 2020’s User Conference and bringing it on-line for a virtual event this September, featuring customer success stories, educational learning sessions, and collaboration opportunities with industry professionals just like you. Each training session at the Discovery Days is unique, specifically designed based on the demands from our customers, and the topics that our most valuable professionals deem important to cover.

Join us and learn from customers and experts on how you can respond efficiently, flexibly and safely to the changing market environment. Register today for your sessions. We look forward to seeing you!

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Agenda of the digital Discovery Days 2020

Sessions 1 & 2: Best practices on cut trees

  • Learn about the master data elements that make up the cutting master data in CSB
  • Learn how the master data is used in planning, costing and yield reporting
  • Learn what you need to consider when starting a cutting project

Alex Ruppel - Senior Consultant

Session 3: Best practices in production inventory to accounting

  • Posting inventory movements in perpetuity to accounting
  • Post calculation based on actual production and absorbed costs in recipes
  • Automatic accruals of Purchase receipts

Franck Onoue-Oliveira - Senior Consultant

Session 4 Best practices for setting up CSB pricing based on USDA reports

  • Learn about the use of the USDA Web Service and how it integrates into CSB
  • Learn about the use of the USDA Imported Prices for your Customer based Prices
  • Learn about using USDA Prices as part of Performance Reporting for Sales

John Bell - Senior Consultant

Session 5: What you don’t know about maintaining master data

  • Page up / page down
  • Mass data changes
  • Table updates – what you should not do plus, insight to things you never thought possible

Thomas Patterson - Consultant

Session 6: Everything you need to know about hardware and infrastructure

  • General insights into current recommendations of server purchases
  • Purchase recommendations of peripheral hardware
  • Best practices for Virtualization, networking, backup and other considerations for CSB architecture

André Körfer - Consultant

Session 7: Support structure that works. Open to all customers

  • When to submit a support ticket
  • What should be included in a support document
  • What to expect after submitting a ticket

Langson Chali - Consultant

Session 8 Getting prepared to migrate from 5.2 to 6.2 Open to all customers

  • New features and functions in 6.2
  • What does the migration path look like, including deprecated modules, preparations you can do today
  • Moving to MERP Android

Bogan Onaca - Director of Operations, North America 

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Highlights of the CSB Discovery Days Europe 2020

This year in Germany CSB hosted its first ever digital conference. The main focus of the CSB Discovery Days was on the specific implementation of digitization in companies. Our speakers presented the latest digitization trends and developments and conveyed many best practices for the food and process industry. Exciting topics, best practices and interesting discussions - About 200 decision-makers viewed online the digitization experiences and strategies of our experts and shared information and ideas in our live chat.

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Review CSB Discovery Days Europe 2020

The main topic of the conference on 27 and 28 May was digitization and its implementation in the process industry. In addition to numerous experts from the ERP provider CSB-System, several customers also had the opportunity to present their experiences. Read about the three central messages of the CSB Discovery Days here:

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