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Wednesday, 27.05.2020


14:00 (UTC +2)



Sarah Vanessa Kröner, Member of the Board of Directors of CSB-System SE
Frank Braun, Global Head of Marketing at CSB-System SE

14:15 (UTC +2)

Making digitization a reality: Success factors for the implementation

What the best are doing, and how they do it – Digitization examples from the field  |  Digitization step by step – Identify and implement quick wins  |  Efficient management of digitization projects 

Robin Gremlich, Head of Business Unit Projects, Consulting and Services, CSB-System SE

15:00 (UTC +2)

New Work becomes New Normal - the digital transformation in the Post Corona Economy 

More than ever before, we are feeling that digitization means more than industry 4.0, digital twins, IoT, block chain or autonomous process optimization. The corona situation forces some of us into home office or home schooling. We have never had this implementation speed in digitization before. We feel that digital transformation requires social transformation and new learning. The global learning experiment of the C-Crisis is an accelerator for all of us. Let's talk about how to establish the positive effects of the digital transformation to New Normal. 

Stephan Grabmeier, Author, former Head of Digital Transformation at Telekom and Chief Innovation Officer at Kienbaum

15:45 (UTC +2)

Industry 4.0 and digitization in the food and beverage industry 

How Industry 4.0 affects food production  |  Industry 4.0 – Changing technologies and conditions  |  Where will the digitization journey of food companies take us? A forecast. 

Dr. Klemens van Betteray, Vice President of CSB-System SE

16:30 (UTC +2)

More than a hype:  How artificial intelligence makes smart businesses even smarter

Deciphering a megatrend – Opportunities and barriers of artificial intelligence  | Digitization has made its way into day-to-day operations – Current use cases relevant to enterprises  |  Capturing, processing, analyzing data – What enterprises can do today to benefit from AI in the future

Michael Zerbe, Head of Business Unit ERP Applications, CSB-System SE



Thursday, 28.05.2020   


14:00 (UTC +2)



Sarah Vanessa Kröner, Member of the Board of Directors of CSB-System SE
Frank Braun, Global Head of Marketing at CSB-System SE

14:15 (UTC +2)

Digitization as an efficiency driver – Using data for competent production management 

Two factories, one ERP system – Controlling the poultry and fish production in the CSB-System  |  Increased output enabled by automated data flows – How Pivka has linked ERP, buffer inventory and information points   |  Ten years of digitization and continuing – Results and next steps 

Marko Markovčič, IT & Investment Manager, Pivka perutninarstvo d.d., Slovenia

14:45 (UTC +2)

Systematic freshness: Better controlling and managing minimum sell-by dates 

How Colruyt manages its stocks and reduces production losses  |  Systematic monitoring of raw material maturity degrees and sell-by dates  |  Maintaining optimum control of the chilling process 

Grégory Messiaen & Mathias Bongaerts, Solution Analyst, Colruyt Group Services, Belgium